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New Kam Tong serves a variety of savory recipes, from traditional Chinese to some newer creations. Our menu includes a fine selection of popular and some unique Chinese dishes. Let New Kam Tong help you make your next night in the best possible.

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159 Surbiton Hill Park
Surbiton, KT58EJ

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served with pancakes, spring onion, cucumber and hoi sin sauce



10 pieces



New Kam Tong's Reviews

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  • Tastiest noodles around. Please don't change the recipe!


  • The best Chinese we've had in a take-away. Hands-down. The crispy shredded beef was really crispy and the Schezwan chicken was so delicious. Portions are really big and the dishes are very meaty and well cooked. It's our new favourite take-away and will definitely order again!


  • Awesome noodles! Keep up the good work.


  • Food arrives quickly and is definitely one of the better Chinese Takeaways here. Chilli Beef was actually nice and crispy!


  • Have order now 3 times in a row. In this order we was given a figit spinner as a Xmas present.


  • So far the best Chinese take way we have had it this area. Will def be ordering from them again


  • ever since I moved to surbiton I have ordered from new kam tong but in the last year or so it has really gone downhill- the food has become quite grim but I carried on ordering from them out of loyalty and because they are really nice people. however this particular meal was so bad it ended in the bin- the spare ribs were 90% fat and gristle and what meat there was there was hard and tough. the chicken balls were fatty and soggy and really not nice and the fried rice even tasted sweet and unpleasant. it is such a shame as it was a great place but I wont be ordering from there again :(


  • Singapore noodles were burned. Was so disappointed with my food will not be ordering from them again.


  • Kong Pao chicken had no kick...or indeed flavour. Duck and pork rice was average. Maybe it was just these dishes because their food has been great in the past.


  • big portions!


  • i feel this is a little unfair as I thought i ordered for delivery but was for collection so the food was sitting around a bit, but it was really very bad. tasteless, tough meat, really not nice. new kam tong has always been a firm favourite of ours but the last half dozen or so orders from there have been terrible. i keep making excuses that they are having an off night, because we have used them for so many years, but something has changed so feeling it's best we do too. it's a shame, it was by far the best take away around but now it is awful :(


  • Brilliant as always!


  • Not as fresh as before I'm afraid. You could tell the rice was at least a couple of days old. My tofu was also old/reused. Noodles very dry. Dissapointed.


  • The delivery was very fast (30 min), everything was hot and delicious.